Iaido, among Japanese martial arts, represents the purest spirit of the Samurai‘s soul. It is based on the techniques of fast sword drawing and cutting. The philosophical principle of the Iaido can be represented by the maxim “Saya no Uchi de Katsu“, that is the ability to win without drawing the sword. The Iaido in fact, starting from techniques and tactics to react to a sudden attack (for this reason the sword is still in its scabbard), works for a constant inner improvement of the practitioner.

Many schools in Iaido are present and active today. Iaido Club Thailand deals with the promotion of the Ancient Schools or Koryu, that is the original schools of the Japanese Samurai, differing in this from the modern schools of Iaido, developed after the Second World War and closely related to the practice of Kendo.

The main Koryu practiced within Iaido Club Thailand is the Hoki Ryu, prestigious Koryu, considered among the three main schools of Iaido in Japan. The practiced form follows the version defined Nakazono Ha that has in Kumai Sensei its maximum technical reference.

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