The Martial Art called IAIDO facilitates the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit and helps to improve people’s reactivity and mental response.

The IAIDO helps to develope how to manage multitasking, making it more easy to carry out, helping to focus on each single task without losing the “big picture”.

The IAIDO accostumes the Mind and the Body to be more coordinated and to use them in a different way.

The unusual movements used in the IAIDO practice accostumes the Mind to think “out of the box” helping to find new and innovative solutions.

The Focus resulting to practice IAIDO helps to avoid distractions and to make plans for the future that are realistic. The clarity allows you to face different situations promptly.

The practice of IAIDO helps to really listening the people around you (collaborators, colleagues, relatives) and see situations in more profound and clear way.

The IAIDO sharps your Mind like a Japanese Sword, teaching you how to use it in real connection with your Body and Soul.

Through the practice of IAIDO you can stay in control and manage the Stress, developing and controlling the energy and use it in more efficient ways.

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