Train your Mind, Body and Spirit with the Samurai Method


Iaido, among Japanese martial arts, represents the purest spirit of the Samurai‘s soul. It is based on the techniques of fast sword drawing and cutting. The philosophical principle of the Iaido can be represented by the maxim “Saya no Uchi de Katsu“, that is the ability to win without drawing the sword.

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Samurai Method

The Samurai Method is a system to train your Body, Mind and Spirit through a program that combines the Art of Japanese Sword (Iaido) with westerner techniques.Body, Mind and Spirit are interconnected and you can decide to improve all of three togheter or just focus only in one, depending on your esigences.

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Practicing Iaido is like practicing Za-zen. Nobody has the presumption of being the best swordsman in the world...Everyone is trying to give their best and this is a fact that has value for itself. Iaido can bring help in everyone's life not in the technical aspect but in the philosophical aspect.

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